Welcome to my website where I will introduce myself to you, I will also describe here the services I can offer to satisfy/ help you. Introducing myself is not always easy, as I would rather do actions than writing. I have a very special gift and it is a great pleasure for me to use it to help people in pain and to find solutions to resolve their conflicts, their problems of all kinds (emotional, sentimental, professional, personal).

Do not hesitate to contact me (M. Jacob), I am a famous marabout who can entirely free you from your daily/ professional/ love/ social problems. With effective rituals and quick results, you will be satisfied and will never regret my occult works.

Maraboutage rituals to solve all your problems

Let me show you my power and the efficiency of my work by contacting me because I like to give solutions for people sad / unhappy / victims of an evil spell… You can thus join me by the number 0033642128602 if you have any problem with:

-Relationship problems (divorces, separations, children)

  • -Luck...
  • -Family problem
  • -Job
  • -Examinations (school, driving license, diploma)
  • -Companies in difficulty
  • -Lack of self-confidence
  • -Witchery
  • -Disease
  • -Money problem (poverty, unemployment) ...
  • I am experienced and know well the problems of men and women of all social and professional categories.

Return of loved one Melbourne / Australia

If you have a romantic problem, I Jacob the great spiritual mentor in Melbourne / Australia can say that I am the most powerful specialist in affection return rituals.


The ritual of the return of the loved one or ritual of affection is very powerful, it is not an act that can be done by everyone but only for those who have a very strong gift in white magic, so you have to be very special by having a gift from your ancestor to be good on it.


You will discover that with me (M. Jacob), the results are very interesting, I provide you a true happiness in an unbelievably fast time. This is probably why people trust me and call me very often.

Maraboutage sessions in Melbourne / Australia

I dedicated myself to helping the others and it has been a long time that I have been working as an African Melbourne / Australia psychic medium. Promise can hurt but I just invite you to join me to see that I am among the best marabout you can count on from my experiences.

My job is very hard, because I have to be strong to see a lot of sad men and women who feel bad about themselves every day. Despite this, you have nothing to fear as I do my best to help them find happiness. It is very important to go to an experienced person whose name is known; you can trust me.

  • How to be lucky

African witchcraft is a science that scares people, but know that it is especially very effective in curing ailments and providing solutions to desperate problems.

African voodoo sorcerer Melbourne / Australia serves good and fight against evil. I can also help you to be lucky whether it is gambling luck or luck in love or good luck at work if you are the victim of an evil spell, you can come and see me so that I can help you.

Psychic medium Melbourne / Australia

Please note that I have a very special talent to know the sources of your pain and I can as well find solutions. Clairvoyance and mediumship are technics used to end in beauty, because a serious and effective African marabout has many gifts transmitted by their ancestors.


M. Jacob is among the name written in the short-list of the best psychics in Melbourne / Australia thanks to his talents. He has visions and flashes that ensure his mediumistic sessions results that will make you aware of the power of these occult powers.

You can obviously consult this African psychic by phone from all over Australia or even abroad, his predictions on your future are very precise.

M. Jacob for bewitchment and désenvoutement in Melbourne / Australia

An African marabout like me (M. Jacob) can free you from the evil that makes you suffer. If you feel a real feeling of permanent bad luck or health problems, or love problems, etc ...


Remember that if you have serious problems today, that may change tomorrow if you let a serious marabout control it. It is entirely possible that you are the object of a spell. To be sure and to be able to counter it, you must quickly consult the marabout Jacob for a disenchantment.

African magic is powerful, it can do things you can't imagine. I don't claim to be the best of the best, but I do know my name is written in the list of best African marabou because of my skills and occult powers which are very powerful and effective.


The society knows that I have very special gifts, I invite you to see it by visiting the different pages of my website on which you will find information on African clairvoyance, mediumship, the return of the loved one or even voodoo witchcraft.

Melbourne / Australia Healer,

The three things that make people happy the most are health, fortune and love. This African healer has been in Australia for several years, He is no longer new in those fields then and can thus heal all what hurt you in the three fields that are mentioned above or even about something else.

He can then save you from pain if you are poor/ sick/ not loved by the one who you wish to be with.

You can count on me, feel free to join me, I know ice breaking may be difficult for you but you will thank yourself when you will be very happy in love, at work, with your families and friends. Hope to talk to you soon on the phone or in an appointment, you can trust me.


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